Score Promotions

2017-2018 Catalogue Kinetic Branding

Score Promotions 2017-2018 Catalogue


Score Promotions is a medium sized company, yet a leader in promotional products distribution. Score’s Products are always kept up to trend and industry standard of quality. Score works with clients such as Google, Scotiabank, Budweiser, Bulk Barn and Uberflip to create bullet proof marketing solutions utilizing the latest trending and most reliable promotional products in the market.


Score has a vast consortium of products both sourced and in house. This entails a large amount of collaboration with Score’s marketing team and account managers to find the latest trending products along with products that would be timeless. Engaging Score’s account managers proved to be difficult, so an incentive program was instilled to reward account managers with a publication for their hard work.


Create a kinetic visual identity circulating this year’s newest promotional products. The Competitive incentive program ensured that only the best products would be featured within the catalogue. The catalogue would allow clients to browse through a tailored catalogue filled with only top of the line promotional products. The kinetic branding allowed viewers to easily identify Score’s newest approach to promotional products.

Drinkware Spread in Score's Catalogue