Spectra Advertising

Web Design & Photography


Spectra Advertising is a family owned and operated business. With great family values it has grown into a successful and highly reputable sign company. Since its founding in 1993, Spectra has grown from a small, family owned company into a large scale signage and wayfinding manufacturing business. Spectra was in need of a new website that best showcased who they are as a company, their current machinery, and the different signage that is produced.


The world of signage and wayfinding contains an absolutely infinite amount of different styles and types of signage for many different functions. The success of the website would rely on devising a means of categorizing and educating viewers various types of signage while showcasing Spectra’s work within the specified signage type.


A simple, yet intuitive and informative website showcasing “who we are” and “what we do” would ensure that the viewers would easily navigate the site and get an understanding of the company and the different signage they produce.