ABC Technologies

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Cover of ABC Technologies' CSR Report


During ABC Technologies’ re brand from ABC Group, ABC Tech was looking to showcase and demonstrate their new outlook and commitment to healthy social, environmental and economic production and corporate governance within the automotive industry.


ABC Technologies would have to advertise their new strategy through a multitude of media outlets in order to inform suppliers, investors and key stakeholders. The design of the report would have to be easy to read, on brand, and clearly identify ABC Tech’s mission in an easily digestible manner.


ABC Technologies successfully launched the CSR Report, informing all global leaders within the industry of ABC Techologies’ new commitment to a sustainable future within the industry. The CSR Report showcased how the USMCA would benefit the automotive manufacturing sector in Canada both from a supply chain and employment standpoint. Feel free to read more regarding this here!

A special thanks to the design team at ABC Technologies, Harman Gill and Usman Dulatov for their efforts and assistance in the creation of this document.

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