ABC Technologies at APMA

Trade Show Hosting & Booth Graphics

ABC Technologies' Trade Show booth at APMA


ABC Technologies was to attend the 2019 APMA show in Windsor’s Ceasars Palace in order to showcase ABC’s latest innovations in plastics and lightweight technologies within the automotive industry. ABC Technologies, as a tier 1 automotive manufacturer, would showcase their latest innovations to the world’s largest automotive manufacturers such as Toyota, Nissan, and General Motors.


As a manager of the show, my responsibilities included liaising with all system directors in order to obtain the latest innovations and showcase ABC Tech’s unique value proposition for each of the components in a creative, clear and concise manner. As many representatives were busy speaking with guests, we utilized the latest virtual reality technologies along side with a gallery style booth to demonstrate each part’s innovation and educate spectators on our contribution to the automotive sector.


ABC Technologies’ presence at the APMA show educated top automotive OEM’s of ABC’s transition from a traditional parts manufacturer to a technologies and innovation supplier within the automotive industry. We successfully demonstrated our business acumen in new innovations while educating global tier 1 automotive manufacturers of our presence in the domain of plastics and lightweighting innovation technologies.