DNA Donor Recognition Wall

TanenbaumCHAT DNA Donor Wall

As a Junior Graphic Designer at Spectra Advertising, I was involved in multiple projects for TanenbaumCHAT Hebrew Academy of Toronto. The first project required the creation of a donor recognition display which was prominently located within the Academy. Beginning with initial concept development, my team and I worked to fully design and implement the project to completion. The project required my team and I to create a design which followed the Academy’s branding guidelines and was within budget, while still allowing the Academy’s needs to be fully met. Additional parameters of the project included creating a design that was able to hold forty donor plaques, each with unique information pertaining to a specific donor. Plaque and letter size were important factors to consider in the design and implementation of the display. Although a tier system was considered, it was decided that all plaques would be created as one size to demonstrate a sense of equality.

Overall, our team was able to work effectively with both the client and donors to achieve the vision they intended for the display, and succeeded in creating an eye-catching final design to please all parties.

DNA Donor Wall Close Up on Plaque
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