Event/Tour Campaign

Gorillaz "Noodle" Poster
Gorillaz Poster 2

This objective of this project was to promote a tour in which the band “The Gorillaz” would be performing. The original cartoon characters, in which the bank performs, were created by the band’s artist Jamie Hewlett. Using these characters, I was able to create a campaign using media that was intended for bus shelters, regular posters, bus side posters, in addition to a fully functioning website. This Seneca College project allowed me to further enhance skills such as typography, poster design, illustration, layout design and web design.

Gorillaz main poster
Gorillaz Bus Mockup

Bus shelter advertisements were conceptualized to target the band’s target audience; those between the ages of sixteen and thirty-five with a passion for progressive rock. A large portion of this target audience use public transit as a means of transportation, therefore the advertisements were well suited for the campaign.

Bus shelter ad 1
Bus shelter ad 2
Bus shelter ad 2

In addition to the transit advertising, I developed a website to further promote the tour. The website contained information pertaining to the band’s tour, such as tour location and times, band biographies, available merchandise, as well as the band’s media stream. I was also able to integrate the posters to the website, allowing them to be accessible to fans to print as they please.